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Hello Beerchachos and Beerchachas.

Yesterday we had our first official Local Joints review. This is just the first of a series of installments. We are going to visit random places and tell you, the Beersboro crowd, what we think of each place.  We will review a place in 4 categories:

The beer Selection, Service, Scene and drink Specials


Before we start, we would like to give you a bit of history about Darryl’s:

The place was established in 1971, and since 1971 they have been known for their wood fired grill steaks, ribs, and Southern classics.

Over the years, the Darryl’s chain was bought and sold a handful of times. Because of too many changes and a lack of resources to keep up with the times, it dwindled from 28 restaurants in the late 90’s all the way down to one and was about to close for good.

Then in the early 2000s, the new owner decided to bring Darryl’s back to its original glory and keep the name. The restaurant  underwent a $2 million renovation and expansion and added new features like the fire pits and a very well-thought-out beer selection.

So lets get started!


Beer Selection:

Ok so the first thing that came to mind when we went to Darryl’s was, Darryl’s! isn’t that a family restaurant? Well I’m here to tell you that it is, kind of, but their beer selection is amazing.

They have 20+ craft beers on tap and a crap load available in containers

You almost get a bit overwhelmed by how much they have. But as the beer snobs that we are, we felt like we were in candyland.

So when it comes to beer, we give Darryl’s 5 out of 5 Jimmy Carters

Why Jimmy carters?

Also they offer beer flights, so if you are in the beer tasting mood, Darryl’s is a great spot to sample new brews.


Beer specials:

None. Darryl’s does not have beer specials. After speaking to one of the servers, we learned that their goal is to give clients the best craft beer selection at reasonable prices. And she was actually right. Their prices are not bad at all for craft beer.

So even though there are no beer specials, we give Darryl’s 4 out of 5 Jimmy Carters

Because their overall prices are pretty sweet. Now whey didn’t we give them 5 out of 5? Well because the category is called “Beer specials”. As bar regulars that is one of the main drivers in sending us to different bars on different days of the week.



I don’t know if you have visited Darryl’s lately, but their patio is pretty fantastic. It’s nice and big and they have awesome fire pits. The inside is equally impressive. You can tell that it’s an old building, but that is what makes it so cool. Also, the jail made it through the renovations, so for those old-school Darryl’s fans, yes, you can still sit there. It’s on the 2nd floor above the bar.

On the negative side, we did feel at times that we had to kinda tone down our usual selves. It does have that family feel and you can definitely see some children around the restaurant.

Special NOTE: The food in this place is off the hook. We don’t review bars on this category, but we liked it so much that we had to make a comment on it. Which makes sense why so many families go to Darryl’s, the food!

On Scene we are giving Darryl’s 4 out of 5 Jimmy Carters

The building is beautiful, but if you want to go there to have some beers and just hang out, you might want to go to the patio or bar areas and leave the tables for the families.



Now this one was a bit hard to review. Everyone at Darryl’s was very friendly and helpful, but the service was a bit slow. We did have a table of 15 people so I can see that being a factor, but the overall restaurant was not packed.

The food came out really fast. I don’t think it took more than 15 minutes to get our food out. The beer, however, did take a bit to come out every time.

If you would like to go to Darryl’s to check out the beer selection, we definitely recommend going and sitting at either the inside or outside bar area for faster beer service.

Also, our tab was brought to us without asking. So that was weird.


Note to all servers, bartenders and managers in the Triad Area: when you see a beer glass that looks like this:

ready for another beer


That’s when it is time to ask if we would like another beer.


For the service we are giving Darryl’s 3 out of 5 Jimmy Carters

Overall pretty good, beer came out a bit slow, and we are giving the bar area the benefit of the doubt.


In conclusion, great beer selection, awesome building, good  service, just sit in the bar area if you are going out for drinks mainly

Location-  3300 High Point Rd  Greensboro, NC 27407
Phone –       (336) 294-1781

Website-   www.darrylswoodfiredgrill.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/darryls

Twitter    https://twitter.com/darryls

Oh, check into Darryl’s with Foursquare. Some of us got some free stuff just by checking- in  (Awesome)


If you have visited Darryl’s lately and would like to add some feedback on your personal experience, please add a comment to the post. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

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